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Air Conditioning Manchester
Air Conditioner Maintenance Manchester

Air Conditioning Maintenance...

How can we maintain your equipment?
air conditioners, heat pumps & chillers start to loose performance from the minute they are switched on. Like all mechanical devices, they require regular maintenance in order to get the best from them. Without regular maintenance, your equipment continues to gradually   loose performance whilst using more energy to carry out the same work. Air Conditioner Maintenance offer Planned Preventative Maintenance Services for all types of air conditioners, heat pumps & chillers. We are also able to offer substantial discounts on OEM chiller & air conditioner parts -  We are committed to offering you the best equipment & services at the best prices. are EXPERTS in the air conditioning & building services field, able to supply, install, repair & maintain ALL types of air conditioner, chiller, heat pump & cooling system.
Air Conditioner Maintenance

Few companies can match our breadth of experience in air conditioning - small split systems, screw chillers, centrifugal chillers and absorption cooling systems all fall within our maintenance  & service portfolio. We have a library of service manuals covering almost forty years of air conditioning technology - no matter how old or obscure your equipment is, we will be able to maintain for you! Please contact us for more info.
Air Conditioner Maintenance

A small selection of the air conditioners & chillers we work on:-

  • Airedale Air Conditioning
  • Airwell Air Conditioners
  • Arkla Absorption Chillers
  • Trane Chillers
  • De Longhi Air Conditioners & Chillers
  • Mitsubishi electric heat pumps & air conditioners
  • Unico micro duct systems
  • Carrier chillers & air conditioners
  • Sanyo air conditioners & heat pumps
  • All makes of VRV and VRF heat pump systems
  • LG Electronics air conditioners
  • Daikin industries chillers, VRV and heat pumps
  • Panasonic air conditioners 
  • Samsung air conditioners & DVM heat pumps
  • Yazaki absorption chiller heaters
  • Robur absorption chiller heaters
  • Mercury Chillers
  • IMI Marstair air conditioning
  • Qualitair air conditioning
  • York International Air Conditioners & Chillers
  • B & Q Airforce Climate Control Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner Maintenance
To be fair, there aren't many air conditioning, heat pump or chiller systems between 2kW and 3,500 kW that we haven't worked on in our 28 year history - Our experience is our Unfair Advantage!
Air Conditioner Maintenance

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