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Thanks very much for visiting Manchester's! Here are a few of the air conditioning sites around the web that we recommend. The Links are for all sorts of air conditioning information - some serious, some informative & others just plain hilarious.....

Home Made Air Conditioners
This link jumps to some wacky home made air conditoning systems from Canadian contributors - All quite funny apart from the guy that suggests using anti freeze in his system - anti freeze is, of course, extremely toxic!
Air conditioning from Hitachi - Chill Bill

Toshiba Air Conditioning
Toshiba's UK website with plenty info on their European Range. All their brochures plus user & technical manuals for download for the Daisekai, RAV, Super Multi VRF and RAC range. 
Air Conditioning from Mitsubishi Mr. Slim - Chill Phil

Hitachi Air Conditioning
Hitachi Europe's website. Full product range details on all their air conditioners and heat pumps with some air conditioining case studies.
Heat pump systems from

The Unico System
The Unico system represents the ultimate in "Whole House" climate control air conditioning. A totally adaptable system that is available in many configurations to suit any residential project or ultra low noise project requirements.
Unico system mini duct air conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning
Mitsubishi Electric's UK site. Again, all their air conditioners and heat pumps including the MSZ series, Mr Slim heat pumps, City Multi VRF and Lossnay heat recovery ventilators.
aircon heat cool fool mule

!The Funny Bone Classic humour site featuring Internet greeting cards & funny photos.
all makes of air conditioner - you name it, we can ge it!
The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning forum website. Anger management for engineers! This site gives you the opportunity to see what's Hot and what's Not in the aircon world. It's also a fine demonstration of what effect inhaling refrigerant gas has on your spelling!!
My other car is a motorbike - GSXR-1000 do you feel lucky, punk?

Domus Ventilation
The superb Domus Ventilation site. Domus are our ventilation equipment manufacturers and their site is a mine of useful ventilation info. Whole house & heat exchange ventilation units, extract fans, special ducting and everything else needed to comply with ventilation regulations
why do french men like moustaches? 'cos it reminds them of their mothers!

Health &
A USA site ith an excellent Heat Exchange Ventilation FAQ section. This link takes you direct to the FAQ section and details the many benefits HRV and Heat Recovery Ventilation systems can offer. 
autolan - little bird eaten whole 


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